Securing your mobile devices just got easier — for you and your employees.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a balancing act. You need to protect your company’s most valuable asset—proprietary data—from theft and misuse. But your employees need the freedom to use mobile devices that aren’t hampered by security software.

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Securing your mobile devices just got easier — for you and your employees.
Freedom and Agility

Freedom and agility

Every organization should be free to use the right devices and technology to meet it’s mission. If you’re like many CIO’s, you might be trying to strike a balance between giving your employees the freedom to use the right devices and the necessity to protect your company’s proprietary information on those devices.

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“Other technologies effectively turn our phones into soup cans with strings. Kitewire Mobility allows us to make the most of our human capital and technology investments.”

Booz Allen Hamilton, Mobility Manager

Fast. Setup in six.

Your IT administrator can have this intuitive, user-friendly tool up and running in six minutes. You don’t even have to schedule time with our team to walk you through it (but we’re here if you need us).

Fast. Setup in six.
Simple. Lock it down with one button.

Simple. Lock it down with one button.

If the worst happens and you need to shut down a phone instantly, use Kitewire Mobility’s simple dashboard or mobile app to lock it down with the touch of a button—from your desk or from your phone. It’s that simple.

Ensure all your security needs are being met with our Mobile Security Necessities Checklist.


“We couldn’t move forward with smartphones until we found a capability that passed the FBI’s high-security testing and data retention requirements. Kitewire Mobility was the only company that actually passed our diligence.”

Former Mobile Management & Security Specialist, FBI

Peace of mind with proactive security.

Stop waiting for the worst to happen, then wondering if you’re really protected. Kitewire Mobility gets ahead of the curve by proactively monitoring suspicious behaviors on all devices, allowing you to act before a catastrophe strikes. Want proof? Our clients include the FBI and the Navy SEALS—agencies that can’t afford to mess around with security.

Peace of mind with proactive security.

One product. One price. All the features.

Our one product replaces all of your MDM, security, and eDiscovery tools—and it costs less than any one of them. Our pricing plan is just as simple: We charge you $1 per device and that’s it.

One product. One price. All the features.

Passcode Control

Device Lock

Remote Alarm

App Install, Block or Uninstall

WiFi Management and Automation

BlueTooth Management and Automation

GPS Management and Automation

Block Camera Usage

Block Screen Shot Taking

Work Containerization Setup

VPN Management and Automation

Password Policy Enforcement

VPN Policy Enforcement

Malicious Behavior Detection

USB data management



App History

Incoming, Missed, Outgoing Call Logs

WiFi History

Bluetooth History

USB History

Battery Analytics


LogCat File Pull

User Contact, Email & Calendar automated setup

User, Contact, Email & Calendar suspension

HotSpot Management

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Malware prevention, detection & removal

Intrusion detection

MiTM (Man in the Middle) Alert

Root / Jailbreak Alert

Encryption management

OS Version management

App Policy Management

WiFi Policy Enforcement

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